JVC  "WI High School League" Team.

Mileage sign at "Mile Zero" on Janesville bike trail. Purchased by JVC .

The Jvc gets involved

We either organize or support:

  •  "Slow Roll" Rides - Fun rides in the Janesville area for riders who enjoy a leisurely ride on local bike trails.  (see menu to visit the page)
  • Janesville Area Youth Mountain Bike Club.  (see menu to visit the page)
  • Janesville Bike Fest. (see home page)
  • Kids Roll bike races. (see home page)
  • Downtown Janesville Pro bike race.
  • Janesville Kid's triathlon.
  • Janesville grade school Bike Rodeo.
  • Janesville bike trail development.
  • Rockport Park Mountain Bike trail development and maintanence.
  • Pie Ride - This is "the" local charity ride with 500+ participants. We run the 100K and 100-mile rest stop. We also provide route suggestions and validation.

JVC   "Slow Roll Ride"

Janesville Family Bike Fest